As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Frye has
successfully represented clients in a wide range of
proceedings:  from complex securities and
environmental enforcement actions to simple DUI and
domestic violence prosecutions.  

For example, on short notice, Mr. Frye sought an  
emergency restraining order prohibiting the FBI from
seizing the entire bank account of an escrow company
whose principal was the target of an investigation
alleging securities and wire fraud.  After the motion for
temporary restraining order was filed, the government
agreed to release all funds that were not the product of
the alleged illegality.  The company met its escrow
obligations and therefore remains in business.  

Mr. Frye provides similar attention to relatively simple
proceedings.  For example, Mr. Frye used a
suppression motion to force the Beverly Hills Police
Department to admit that it provided incorrect warnings
to a DUI defendant regarding the consequences of
refusing a breath test.  Because of the admission, the
government reduced the charge to reckless driving.  

As a federal prosecutor, Mr. Frye successfully
prosecuted high ranking public officials, powerful
corporate executives, and large scale narcotics
distributors.  Mr. Frye's prosecutions include
States v. Rogers
, 118 F.3d 466 (6th Cir. 1997) (bribery
of state senator);
United States v. Blandford, 33 F.3d
685 (6th Cir. 1994) (bribery of former Speaker of the
Kentucky House of Representatives);
United States v.
, 52 F.3d 571 (6th Cir. 1995) (police officers
accepting bribes to plant evidence on and arrest private


As a civil litigator, Mr. Frye has represented clients in all
aspects of business litigation, from routine
administrative proceedings to multi-million dollar labor
and shareholder disputes.  

For example, Mr. Frye negotiated a favorable settlement
in a $76 million class action claim alleging that an
employer had failed to provide requisite WARN Act
Notice prior to terminating a large class of employees.


As a bankruptcy litigator, Mr. Frye has successfully
represented clients on issues involving proofs of claim,
lease and contract rejection motions, DIP financing
motions, preference and fraudulent conveyance actions,

For example, Mr. Frye successfully obtained an order
rejecting a multi-million dollar lease over the landlord’s
objection.  Arising on short notice, the case required
depositions of several witnesses in three states in
preparation for the lease rejection hearing in Delaware.  

One week before trial, Mr. Frye stepped in as lead
counsel for the debtor on a major proof of claim dispute.  
After a two day trial, the court denied the proof of claim
in its entirety.  


Stephen G. Frye is a 1988 graduate of the Vanderbilt
University School of Law.  He graduated in the top ten
percent of his class and served as managing editor of
Vanderbilt Law Review.

Mr. Frye is a 1985 graduate of the Centre College of
Kentucky.  He graduated as the George Winston Welsh
valedictorian and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa

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